Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Homeless World Cup 2012: Samba beat

Day two of the second group stage of the Homeless World Cup ended in something of a struggle for Scotland's reigning champions.

Group D always looked tough and so it has proved.

In their first game of the day against Ireland the Scots recovered from 2-1 down at half to snatch a last gasp equaliser in a second half where both keepers excelled.

Homeless World Cup games require a winner though and it was on to a sudden death penalty shoot out. Scotland missed their first attempt, Ireland duly scored and the 2-2 draw was converted into a 3-2 defeat.

If the Irish game had been a challenge the next match against a Brazil side free-scoring their way through the tournament looked like requiring a miracle.

So it proved. Scotland dug in well but - as unpredictable as this tournament often is - Brazil look to be genuine contenders.

A 10-1 defeat leaves Scotland second bottom of Group D, just the bonus point won in the penalty defeat to Ireland keeping them ahead of Ukraine.

They're also the group's lowest scorers so will be out to prove a point in the remaining games against Ukraine and South Africa on Thursday and Friday.

Homeless World Cup goals

Apparently the first four days of the 2012 Mexico Homeless World Cup saw 1,716 goals scored in 2,256 minutes of football.

Quite the spectator sport.

The real achievements though, as I can't stress often enough, are to be found in the other 51 weeks of the year.

It's those achievements that the tournament celebrates.

At football projects around the world people are given the support and belief to change their lives for the better.

People like England goalkeeper Aaron Ranieri. Through his involvement he made the England squad - and the chance to play in a tournament held in the country he left when he was five:

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