Monday, August 27, 2012

Contact Lenses For Football Players

There are many times during a person’s life when it is absolutely necessary to have convenient and perfect vision. This is precisely why corrective vision such as glasses and contact lenses are so popular, and why the majority of people get eye tests at some point and at least consider glasses or contacts.

For athletes, these concerns are amplified for a number of different reasons. For example, when you play football, it is absolutely crucial that you are able to focus clearly and easily without worrying about fuzzy or uncertain vision.

Specifically, it is important for footballers to wear comfortable contact lenses when they play the game. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Comfort – Glasses, or even prescription athletic goggles, are always options, and can indeed be comfortable for many people. However, Acuvue contacts come in enough styles and with enough different capabilities that most players ought to be able to find a pair of lenses that work just fine. Generally, contacts are preferable to glasses or goggles from a comfort standpoint, as they allow you to keep your focus completely on the game, rather than on the fit of the glasses or goggles to your face.
  • Safety – When a football player wears a pair of glasses, or even a pair of prescription goggles designed for sports, there is always some risk of injury. The fact is, lenses have hard edges, and sports involve a great deal of contact. The idea of breaking a pair of lenses while playing football is not only unappealing and distracting, but also potentially dangerous for your eyes, your face, and other players. While these dangers are generally remote, contact lenses carry none of these same risks, and are instead completely safe. This is another major reason that contacts tend to be preferable for active footballers.
  • Clarity – Again, both glasses and contact lenses can correct vision completely, and allow players to see the field, the ball, and other players with absolute clarity. However, glasses and sports goggles are quite susceptible to a variety of different problems that can impair vision. For example, they can be smudged, dirtied, and clouded, and all of these problems will stop a player from being able to see clearly. While contact lenses can become displaced, this problem is less frequent, and the problem is generally very small in comparison to potential obstructions with glasses or goggles. Active football players need to be able to play the game without worrying about potential hindrances or accidents, and this is yet another reason that contacts provide more clarity and freedom when playing football.
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