Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pub football

To Glasgow last weekend to spend the nicest, hottest Saturday of the year sitting in a basement bar on Bath Street talking about football.

That's never a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon but on this occasion there was also a - slight - point to the outing.

I was very happy to be invited along to have my say in the Scottish Football Forums end of season podcast.

Thanks to all the chaps - there were no women, I guess the Scottish Football Forums team must be a touch sexist - for their hospitality and bonhomie.

A strange season in many ways, one perhaps better digested with a beer in hand.

It was certainly a more agreeable trip to Glasgow than my Hampden outing the week before.

No free drinks from the Bath Street Pony though.

I suppose this could be remedied next time if we all give them huge compliments so I'd like to thank the staff at the Bath Street Pony for being quite the superstars as a disparate group of football mercenaries descended on them to rant into a microphone.

All the ways to listen (and a full cast list) here

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