Friday, April 13, 2012

Albion Road

After a hiatus caused by nothing more serious than my own predilection for procrastination, I'm delighted to be writing for the fantastic Albion Road again.

We're starting off with a look back at the SPL title race and the contrasting fortunes of Celtic and Rangers in this strange season:
So this has been a season like no other for Rangers and, by extension, for a Scottish game that has been dominated by Glasgow's big two for so long. 
Imponderables lie ahead for the Ibrox faithful and for Rangers' competitors in the SPL.
None of that should detract from the present. 
The SPL has shown that, if nothing else, it can still just about function as sporting competition: the best team have, deservedly, won the league.
Next week I'll be taking a look at the relegation and European battles ahead as the top six and bottom six head their separate ways.

Thanks, as ever, to Jeremy at Albion Road.

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