Friday, April 20, 2012

Albion Road: Risk and opportunity

As promised I've made a swift return to the halcyon pages of Albion Road.

This week I'm taking a look at the outstanding SPL issues of the season as four go mad for Europe and two are driven crazy by relegation pressure:
Just five games left now in the 2011/12 SPL season.

The rather artificial construct that sees the league fracture into a top and bottom six clubs just a few weeks from the finish line runs the risk of creating something of an anti-climatic SPL conclusion.

That risk is heightened when, as with Celtic this year, the title is done and dusted with a handful games to spare.

We're left searching for alternative distractions. This season an intriguing battle for Europe and a prolonged relegation struggle should be enough to keep interest alive.

At the bottom we wonder just how good a season could this yet be for Hibs?

Remarkably it could be one of their best since their league-winning glory days in the 1950s.

Remarkable because for the largest chunk of this season Hibs have been a weak impersonation of a top flight football club.
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I'll be back on Albion Road in May with a round-up of the SPL season. And I might even take a look back at the Scottish Cup final.

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