Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The chosen one?

Who's it to be then? The job may have lost some of its sparkle but its still a big chance for somebody.

The names in the frame so far:

Owen Coyle: Has performed wonders at Burnley after impressing with St Johnstone. A Celtic man (and how important we know that to be) but also about to embark on the Premiership. Spoke today about pitting his wits against Sir Alex and Arsene. Mixu, Csaba et al might not appeal.

Tony Mowbray: Got West Brom playing the football he demands. Got West Brom relegated playing the football he demands. The Championship is a fairly horrible place and the Celtic job might just have come up at the right time.

Mark McGhee: After the tragedy and achievements of last term has endured the difficult second season syndrome this time round. His track record suggests that longevity is not his number one trait so time might be right for change. Is it an inspiring prospect though?

Craig Levein: An interesting option. I can't think of a club and manager less suited than Celtic and Levein. A long shot.

Alan Curbishley: Like Mowbray might be more interested in Celtic than a Championship job. Reports suggest legal battle with West Ham are complicating things so some sort of compromise there might be necessary.

Steve Coppell: Out of work through choice. Unlikely to relish the unique stresses and pressures of life at Celtic.

Listening to English media tonight there seems to be widespread bemusement at the perceived treatment of Strachan at the hands of the fans. That might mean Celtic just now are less attractive to some down south than they might have been when Martin O'Neill left.

If we can rule out Coyle and we take the SPL contenders as outsiders then I can't get away from returning to Tony Mowbray. Time will tell...


  1. Anyone who thinks that Burnley are close to being as big a club as Celtic is losing the plot.

  2. I think that Mowbary is the most likely. Not too many outstanding candidates though!

    Would you be able to email me when you get the chance? There is something I would like to run by you.

    Thanks a lot,