Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's Go Round Again

The first Edinburgh derby of the season comes around and it's full of surprises. For a start both managers are still in place which might be seen as a miracle in itself.

And Derek Riordan is back for Hibs. Back kissing the badge, back scoring the goals.

So much seems the same.

The rumours: Deeks is only getting half what he was on at Celtic, he's shattered the concrete ceiling that was Easter Road's wage structure, Rod Petrie is paying half his wages out of his own pocket and on and on.

The nights out: Deeks trying to sneak into an Edinburgh nightclub despite the city wide ban (you would think club captain Rob Jones would know better than to be an accomplice in that sorry escapade).

But the goals have come and so have the points which makes it seem worth it for the Hibs fans.

Come Sunday though one thing will need to change for the prodigal to complete the fairytale. Hibs have never beaten Hearts when Riordan has appeared on the score sheet...

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