Saturday, January 07, 2012

Away Day: Cowdenbeath

If there's a better way to celebrate your birthday than with a trip to Cowdenbeath's Central Park then I'm not sure what it is.

Obviously seeing your team winning on said trip would be something of a bonus but that's in the hands of Pat Fenlon and his less than merry band. Drink shall either dull the pain or intensify the joy.

Like this current Hibs team, Central Park comes in for a lot of stick.

It's seen a lot of history though. And, like the Blue Brazil, it's somehow survived down the years.

Maybe Cowdenbeath need a new stadium for a fresh start. But it will be built on the memories - good and bad - of the old place.

When that time comes Central Park deserves to be remembered as more than just a punchline.

This short documentary says it all much better than I ever could.

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