Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Justice takes a break

So Lee McCulloch is free to play for Rangers tonight.

How can that be? Wasn't he red carded against St Mirren on Saturday?

That he was. For flinging an elbow. I've seen more heinous crimes on a football pitch. But I'd also say that the red card was justified.

Opinions, of course, are like certain anatomical features. We all have them.

Ally McCoist has his: McCulloch should not have been sent off so Rangers have appealed the decision.

That's fair enough.

Complications arise though.

It's Christmas. So the SFA's much heralded fast tracked disciplinary procedure has developed a breakdown. The main players are on holiday.

McCoist is adamant that he's not playing the system, he's simply standing by his man, seeking justice for the wronged party.

Who's to doubt to his sincerity?

But it's a handy loophole and one that a touch of foresight should have closed in advance.

This isn't really about McCoist or McCulloch.

It's about the SFA realising that their processes must be active as long as games are being played. Otherwise, in an Old Firm week, they're opening themselves up to a whole lot of nonsense.

Justice, and Stewart Regan's SFA revolution, is weakened if it needs a Christmas holiday.

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  1. Meh. Celtic did the same over Loovens. If the SFA can tighten things up for the future, fair enough. But festive holidays can interfere with the workings of an awful lot of things.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I agree, and other clubs would have done or have done in the past exactly the same thing. My point would be that football continues over the holidays so the procedures should remain in place. To do otherwise leads to a two tier system dependant on the time of the year. I don't know. Maybe the answer's a winter break!

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  3. It is playing the system so to speak and all clubs have done it, Celtic, Hearts, Hibs etc etc. If Rangers were playing Dumbarton in a Cup game I doubt they would have bothered! It is however yet another loophole in the SFA/SPL system that should be looked at and addressed, as is them thinking that no football was taking place on Boxing Day in Scotland - and we wonder why our football is in disarray!!

  4. Cheers Vicky,
    As a fan, of course, we'd all be raging if our team didn't take advantage of it. I'm a big fan of what Regan is trying to do on Twitter but that comment about no footballers working was a head-in-hands moment. Maybe they'll learn for next year.
    Thanks for the commentTom

    Subject: [thescottishfootballblog] Re: The Scottish Football Blog: Justice takes a break

  5. Rangers abusing the system?  Who'd have thunk it?
    Fast track not available when OF game in view? Who would have thunk it....?
    Me cynical? Who....