Saturday, November 05, 2011

Welcoming Football Memories

Our football memories might just save football from itself. Or, at the very least, preserve something of its soul and heritage.

A goal, an away trip, a European jaunt? Or maybe the footballing memory helps frame a memory about friends or family.

Regular readers will know that the Scottish Football Blog is quite the fan of such anecdotal diversions.

So I'm already fascinated by Football Memories, a new site launched by Alzheimer Scotland where fans - the famous, the not-so-famous and the not-famous-at-all - can share their own football stories.

Have a browse, nod in appreciation as someone else's memory brings a favourite memory of your own flooding back and enjoy.

While you're there check out the story behind the site and Alzheimer Scotland's wider Football Reminiscence project.

The project - which is already producing admirable results - helps people with dementia by using football to stimulate memories.

A superb example of football's unique power being used to change lives.

> Alzheimer Scotland is one of the charities I'm raising money for with the Scottish Football Blog blogathon on 19 November.

If you can please donate and help support the great work Alzheimer Scotland does

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