Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogathon: Kick Off Approaches

Reminders of my essential crapness as an organiser are never far away.

It appears I’ve organised a blogathon for the day after the nation has been subjected to a Wogan-athon. That big, ruddy, irresistible cuddly bear. And don't even get me started on Pudsey.

Anyway, if you’ve got anything left to give or even just want to spread some kindness by shouting encouragement or abuse from the Twitter and Facebook sidelines please keep an eye out from tomorrow morning.

Here’s what to expect:

Most importantly two fantastic charities will hopefully benefit: the Homeless World Cup and Alzheimer Scotland. Links for donations are all over the blog so please click and give if you can.

I’ll be up and about early(ish) before I kick off at 12 noon.

The plan is to write an article an hour for 24 hours.

For that I’ll need your help. I don’t know what the posts are going to be about. That’s up to you.

You can use Twitter or Facebook to suggest topics and I’ll then scurry off and come back an hour later with 500 (almost) perfectly formed words. And then I'll start all over again.

So get your thinking caps on and start thinking of topics – Scottish, English, world, obscure, common, historical, modern – to fire at me.

I’ll start a thread on the blog’s Facebook page for suggestions and you can grab my attention on Twitter using @scotfootblog and #fitbablether

Over the course of the 24 hours I’ve also got some fantastic guests joining the debate. Bloggers, podcast people, video folk, Twitter types and journalists will be getting in on the act.

I don’t know what they’re writing about but I’m looking forward to finding out.

They’ll be offering up their own well reasoned take on a subject of their choosing. I’ll then have an hour to come up with 500 words proving why they are totally and utterly wrong.

And that’s it. 24 hours and a minimum of 12000 words later I’ll be home and dry.

Hopefully, of course, I’ll also have raised a bit of money along the way.

I’m genuinely passionate about these two causes and I’m really appreciative of any support anyone can afford to give:

Donate to the Scottish Football Blog Blogathon, 19 November 2011

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  1. Good luck! I'll check in through the day to see how you're getting on. It'll be interesting to see how the first article compares to the last one :-)