Monday, October 10, 2011

The Blogathon: Calling In A Blogging Favour

Bloggers, the Scottish Football Blog needs you!

On 19-20 November I’m doing a 24 hour blogathon to raise money for the Homeless World Cup and Alzheimer Scotland.

I’ll be writing (and researching) a 500 word (or more) blog post every hour for 24 hours.

And I need your help.

To try and get as many people as involved (and donating) as possible I’m looking to Twitter and fellow bloggers for inspiration.

Some of the subjects I write about will be suggested on Twitter and others will come from fellow members of the football blogging world.

And now I’m hoping to recruit those bloggers.

Here’s how it will work:

You’ll choose a topic. Then you’ll write about it, taking a certain side in the argument. It can be as long or as short as you want and you’ve got between now and the weekend of 19-20 November to write it.

On the day I’ll see your post for the very first time and have an hour to come up with a counter-argument.

If you have argued that Hibs are the best football team in the world, I’ll have one hour to write at least 500 words on why Hibs are the worst football team in the world.

If you have argued that Garry Kenneth is the worst football player in the SPL, I’ll have one hour to write at least 500 words on why Garry Kenneth is the best football player in the SPL.

And it's not restricted to Scottish football. For those with a sadistic streak the further you drag me from the comfort of Scotland, the harder the hour will be. I hear tales of distant lands where more than two teams can win the league but I refuse to believe that can be true.

Obviously your site will get full credit, links, Twitter mentions and all the rest. It’s all for charity. And I’ll owe you a massive favour.

If you think you can help out please get in touch by email (corriganreid(at)hotmail(dot)com), through the contact page, comment below or send a tweet on Twitter.

But please don’t tell me what you’d like to write about – I can’t find that out until the day of the blogathon.

Once I’ve got an idea of names and interest I’ll be passing you over to Scott Johnston of who will be organising the blogger side of things on the day. (Or will be when I tell him he is).

“But wait, I don’t have a blog.” No problem, if you’re interested in being involved please still get in touch and we’ll try and work something out.

Thanks in advance and I really do appreciate any help that any of you can offer. (And donations, I will really appreciate donations. A lot.)

I’ll be writing about the blogathon regularly in the build up to the 19th and will also be using #fitbablether as a hashtag on Twitter.


Donate to the Scottish Football Blog Blogathon, 19 November 2011

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