Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Introducing Tweetsport

Time for a quick mention of my new friends at Tweetsport.

Regular readers will know I'm something of a Twitter addict. And with Twitter now just about the best place to get sports news, Tweetsport is the ideal site for all your sports news in one place. And you don't even need to be on Twitter to follow the action.

It's also Edinburgh based and that's a bonus for just about anything except budget aware tram developments and building works overseen by the city council (allegedly).

I can forgive an Edinburgh company just about anything. Even if it has been founded by an Aberdeen fan.

Tweetsport covers football (obviously) but also motorsport, tennis, golf, rugby, Olympics, cricket, athletics, cycling, horse racing and swimming. Some of them are almost certainly sports.

And it offers an easy platform to get the latest from players and pundits in and around major (and not so major) events.

You can even win a T-shirt to mark Scotland's trip to Spain to play that moderately talented bunch of duffers.

And stay tuned for a blogger's competition.

All you need to know about Tweetsport and their app gadgetry at www.tweetsport.co.uk

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