Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Footy Pod

On Wednesday night, as Scotland held on for their essentially-meaningless-yet-pretty-damn-encouraging-all-the-blinking-same win against Denmark, I was locked in footballing discussions.

Scott Johnston of asked me to join him and his co-host Brent Atema of as they recorded their podcast, theFootyPod.

Making up the fine foursome, our quaint quartet, was Stuart Harper of Serie A Weekly.

A most enjoyable hour of chewing the cud over the start of the English Premier League season, football's reaction to England's riots, Samuel Eto and Russian football, the Italian Super Cup and Euro 96.

And I was able to squeeze in a little about Hibs, Colin Calderwood, the plight of Scottish football and a spot of barely even half arsed marketing for the Scottish Football Blog.

Thanks to the chaps for being so welcoming. As for me, well, I've a face for radio and a voice for silent films.

You can listen here or do whatever it is the young trendies do with the iTunes.

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