Tuesday, May 24, 2011

STV Online Writers' Player of the Year

The good people at STV Sport are in the process of unveiling the runners and riders in the STV Online Writers' Player of the Year poll.

Predictably enough online writers made up the electorate. Our instructions were to name our top five Scottish players of the year.

That could be Scottish players playing anywhere but they had to be Scottish. So Alexei Eremenko was out but Brighton and Hove Albion's title winning captain Gordon Greer was in. If you wanted him to be.

Yesterday they reached number five as they drip feed us the top ten in reverse order.

And it fell upon me to find a few words to say about the player in question:

Young players in Scotland too often follow a depressingly familiar pattern.

They blaze on to the scene, all funny haircuts and fearless skill, and Scotland, a nation too often starved of footballing optimism, overreacts. The merest glimpse of an exciting talent draws gasps of admiration. Before long "the next..." sobriquet is being chucked about. The next Law, the next Johnstone, the next Baxter.

Then our young star fizzles out. And Scottish football’s pessimism returns, recriminations fly and we're all left to ponder what might have been.

It is too early to tell if David Goodwillie can escape that deflating trajectory. But he’s given indications that he just might be able to, indications enough to be fully deserving of consideration as Scottish footballer of the year.
Read the rest of the article here.

Where will Goodwillie start next season. Will he still be a United player? Glasgow? England?

Are Rangers favourites to capture his signature?

Maybe this tweet from yesterday can throw some light on the affair:

The mind boggles.

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