Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Football Boots

Often times these days I find myself ruminating on the past. In days of yore and of my youth, when Edinburgh's trams were of the distant past rather than of the distant future, football boots were a different beast altogether.

Like Henry Ford's motor vehicles you could have any colour you wanted as long as it was black. Trainers too came from another world. You had a pair of trainers. And you wore them whatever you were doing. From the tennis court to the tarmac playground to the basketball court.

These days a glance at Football Trainers and Boots from JD Sports offers a kaleidescope of colours and variety.

Take the Nike Mercurial Victory Firm Ground. The plum red colour is eye catching. More than that though these are boots made to play football in. The start of each new season of my boyhood career was marked by grimacing and odd running styles as players tried to “break in” their new boots.

Not these days, when boots like the Mercurial Victory slip on like, well, like a slipper. Boots that won’t make a bad player Wayne Rooney but will at least allow you to make the most of whatever skills you have been blessed with. And allow you to move from first to last without feeling like you’ve got ill fitting concrete blocks on your feet.

Your artificial surface needs are covered too. Shoes like the Adidas F10 TRX Astro Turf take away the need for the multi-purpose stinky trainers of my childhood. No more blaming your footwear on your lack of control in the weekly fives, the best football trainers now offer the same advantages of the best boots.

There is an important point here. Anyone and everyone can these days get reasonably priced boots that will enhance their performance on the firm pitches of summer or the artificial pitches that are good enough for our clubs to train on but not compete on.

The footwear technology is in place to free us from our stubborn insistence on playing football at the worst possible time of the year.

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