Saturday, May 28, 2011

Champions League Test

Roped once more into acting as question setter as a local hostelry puts on a themed quiz.

Tonight's theme is Edward Gibbon's The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

No, I jest.

It's the Champions League as Barcelona and Manchester United go head to head in the final.

15 questions on each team. I think this one is a bit easy but see how you get on.

Want to do it for real?

Send in your answers.

Top entry received by next Saturday at noon will win a second hand copy of Martin Waddell's Napper Goes for Goal.


Manchester United

1. Who did Manchester United beat in the semi final of the 1968 European Cup?

2. United beat Benfica in the 1968 European Cup final, at what stadium was the game played?

3. Who finished this season as Manchester United's top scorer in the league?

4. Sir Matt Busby only played for one professional side in Scotland, who were they?

5. Who scored the goals when Manchester United won the 1999 Champions League?

6. How many English league titles have United won since Alex Ferguson became manager?

7. What was the aggregate score in Manchester United's semi-final over Schalke this season?

8. Jim Leighton was dropped before the 1990 FA Cup replay. Which goalkeeper replaced him?

9. Who is Manchester United's top scorer in this season's Champions League?

10. In 1966 George Best scored two goals in a European Cup quarter final match against which team?

11. Which player has been Manchester United's first choice captain this season?

12. In what season did Ryan Giggs make his Manchester United debut?

13. Ryan Giggs has made more appearances for Manchester United than any other player. Which player has made the second most appearances for the club?

14. Which famous United striker missed out on the 1968 European Cup final with a knee injury?

15. Who scored United's goal in the 2008 Champions League final against Chelsea?


1. Which Barcelona player is this season's top scorer in the Champions League?

2. Barcelona won their first European Cup in 1992. Who was their manager?

3. At which stadium did Barcelona win their first European Cup in 1992?

4. Including this year, how many Spanish league titles have Barcelona won in a row?

5. Two of Barcelona's current squad have made over 500 appearances for the club. Name them.

6. In 2009 Barcelona broke their transfer record to sign which player?

7. Barcelona played Hibs in the 1960/61 Fairs Cup. What was the aggregate score?

8. In final of the 2008/09 Champions League Barcelona beat Manchester United 2-0. Which players scored the goals?

9. Which club are Barcelona's local derby rivals?

10. Who was the last English manager of Barcelona?

11. In 1986 Barcelona signed which Manchester United player?

12. Which current Barcelona defender began his professional career at Manchester United?

13. Who did current boss Pep Guardiola replace as Barcelona manager?

14. What nationality is Barcelona full back Dani Alves?

15. Lionel Messi has made 54 appearances in all competitions for Barcelona this season. How many goals has he scored so far?

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