Saturday, April 09, 2011

SPL Today: The Pub Forecasts

Like many a losing coupon, this week's predictions were compiled in a pub in Glasgow.

I had good reason to tread ever so gingerly off my chosen path of temperance.

Jamie and Simon of the Royal One Radio Footy podcast had asked me along to do a guest spot on their show.

A very enjoyable evening was thus spent talking rubbish about fitba' into a recording device.

Truly, this is how Chick Young must feel every week.

You can listen here for the week in review, Fernando "diddy" Torres, Rangers' UEFA travails and our predictions.

Aberdeen v Hibs

"It's all about the semi final" v "is it not over yet." Draw.

Celtic v St Mirren

"Must keep winning" v "Bloody hell, we've stayed up." Home win.

Dundee United v St Johnstone

"F*!$ing hate Motherwell" v "We really need goals." Home win.

Hearts v Motherwell

"We only need ten men" v "It's getting better all the time." Draw.

Kilmarnock v Inverness

"The king is dead, long live King Kenny" v "Top six slips away." Home win.

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