Sunday, April 24, 2011

SPL Today: Hibs v St Mirren

A bit like taking to the stage at the Sands Casino an hour after Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack have taken their leave.

Sunday games aren't always that popular at Easter Road. A bottom six clash against the second bottom team, served up after a televised Old Firm game, on the back of a defeat to the team at the bottom of the league has all the appeal of regurgitated Easter eggs.

If nothing else last week's win for Hamilton will provide a bit of an edge to this one, reminding St Mirren that until the maths says otherwise anything can happen.

It was proof too for Hibs that much remains to be done, the comedy of errors and the frustration as they chased the game pointing to remaining deficiencies in both defence and attack.

So today St Mirren will be out to reaffirm their safety and Hibs, no doubt on the end of a week of managerial ear bashing, will be hoping to show their fans that the remainder of the season can offer more than a succession of lame duck matches.

All fine in theory. The reality might offer something a touch less inspiring.

Home win. Just.

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