Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kenny Dalglish v Arsene Wenger

In a weekend of one sided cup semi finals, a dose of massive drama at the Emirates.

Two converted injury time penalties meant a 1-1 draw. Liverpool's came with the last kick of the ball.

Arsene Wenger, unsuprisingly unchuffed, seemed to remonstrate with Kenny Dalglish. Kenny, it seems, told him to piss off.

I know that we're not supposed to be in the business of condoning touchline spats. But to me this seemed to me nothing more than a spot of handbags in a moment of high drama.

Conclusive proof though that Kenny is back. And getting right into it.

Wenger will have been understandably annoyed at the loss of yet another opportunity to exert real pressure on Manchester United. He's already claimed that it wasn't a penalty and that too much time had been played.

His frustration might also stem from how comprehensively his side have been the architects of their own downfall this season.

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  1. Slightly biased being a Liverpool fan but over the seasons we have many a time seen Wenger 'spit the dummy' when his team do not win. He should act with dignity, wasn't Kenny's fault at the time on top of added time and all that was required was a simple handshake...

    But then its not the first time Wenger has acted like this, ask Mark Hughes!