Wednesday, March 02, 2011

SPL Tonight: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

I got the impression from watching Sportscene on Sunday night that Craig Brown was feeling quite happy about how things are progressing for him at Aberdeen.

There is, he will stress, much work still be done. But Craig has always found it hard not to look quite pleased with himself when things are going well.

And Saturday's 0-0 draw with Hearts was evidence that his Pittodrie revolution is bringing about just the sort of steady improvement he hoped for.

By contrast St Johnstone's season continues to drift along. Good results follow bad results follow so-so results. They're still involved in the top six battle, although they now find themselves in tenth place in the SPL, but there is a danger of this campaign fizzling out, neither one thing or the other.

All of which makes this an important game for both sides. If they are to make the final push towards the top half of the post-split table, these are the games that have to be won.

Certainly Aberdeen's weekend stalemate offers more of a platform for this game than St Johnstone's capitulation at Ibrox.

I suspect that Aberdeen are enjoying an upward curve at the moment while St Johnstone have plateaued.

So, aware as I am of St Johnstone's recent midweek record being impressive, I'll back Aberdeen to give Craig Brown more reasons to smile. Away win.

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  1. Dare I say that you're not sticking your neck out there! There will though be a few chairmen out there wishing they'd bet on a safe pair of hands like Brown rather than embarking on manager merry-go-rounds.

  2. The problem is that even when I make obvious predictions they go wrong. So, 3-0 St Johnstone tonight.

    I think Craig Brown is so exactly the manager that Aberdeen need at the moment that it's a miracle the powers-that-be up there managed to pull it off.