Thursday, February 17, 2011

SPL: Selling the Dream

The SPL sales drive for their shiny new double decker continues. Ten up. Twelve down.

The Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser reported yesterday:

Neil Doncaster will today meet with all 30 SFL clubs as the push for league reconstruction continues.

The SPL chief executive is to lay out his organisation's proposals for change at the SFL quarterly meeting of clubs at Hampden.

Selling the big idea.

A ten team SPL. A twelve team SPL 2.

And the rest?

Cast out to a pyramid system that hasn't really been defined. Are the SPL power brokers prepared to offer much more than a haughty "let them eat cake" to the bread starved peasants? When the rich revolt do the poor remain poor?

Maybe the SFL teams will feel energised by the prospect of change, any change, in a stagnating game.

Or maybe not.

I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for Neil Doncaster taking his PowerPoint slides to a succession of hostile meetings with little but a wing and a prayer and handful of "maybes" to offer in support of his brave new world.

How do you sell that convincingly?

Suddenly I'm put in mind of The Simpsons' episode Marge vs the Monorail.

The residents of Springfield are bamboozled into buying a shoddy, needless monorail from a fast talking, all singing, all dancing salesman who promises them that all they need is change for change's sake to make life better.

You can sell anything to the gutless, the feckless, the desperate, the money mad.

Some of the SPL teams have already shown themselves to be exactly that.

Let's hope the SFL 30 aren't quite as yellow.

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