Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scottish Football Podcasts: The Commentary Box

As my long suffering regular reader is aware (hello mum!), the Scottish Football Blog does not excel at the results forecasting game.

So it was with a certain trepidation that I agreed to send in my guest predictions for "Coupon Corner" on The Commentary Box.

It was good to get a chance to help the guys out though.

The Commentary Box is Scotland's newest football talkshow, airing on City of Glasgow Radio every Monday evening.

Featuring Paul Fisher, Robert McCracken and Jordan McCallum, the show is also available as a podcast and the accompanying website features match reports, previews, reviews and sundry other features about the curious world of the fitba'.

You'll also find the running total from "Coupon Corner" on the site, I think I can confidently predict that will be a league of shame for me by Sunday evening.

Well worth a listen, download and read.

> If you're interested in writing for The Commentary Box you can find contact details on the site or follow on Twitter @TheCommBox

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