Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Record Gives Youth Football Scotland A Voice

Big news for coverage of youth football in Scotland with the announcement that Youth Football Scotland (YFS) is joining forces with the Daily Record to produce a weekly insert covering the game’s grassroots.

Appearing every Tuesday, the cunningly titled Grass Roots will offer a taster of the best of Youth Football Scotland’s extensive coverage each week.

Launched last November, Youth Football Scotland has set itself the ambitious targets of both raising the profile of youth football and establishing a portal for anyone with an interest in youth football in Scotland.

In just a few months they’ve achieved both remarkably well. Not easy in a country - and The Scottish Football Blog recognises its own deficiencies in this area - where coverage of anything below the SPL can be as rare as hen’s teeth.

Robbie Forsyth, co-founder of YFS, said:

We are delighted with the response so far. To have players, coaches and clubs from far and wide participating and reaping the rewards is very pleasing. However, adding the Daily Record into the equation is a massive boost to everyone. There is an unrivalled prestige that comes with having you or your club’s name in the newspaper, and before now there has been very little coverage afforded to the foundations of our national sport. Now anyone at any level can be recognised, it’s not about what team you play for, it’s about what you have achieved.

I’ve written recently about how we’re maybe a touch too quick to write off the work done at grassroots level.

YFS is going a long way to addressing that problem by celebrating the good stories that continue to come out of the youth game.

Importantly it also provides an accessible way for coaches and managers to exchange information which should have the long term benefit of fostering more cooperation between clubs and raising the overall standard at youth level.

Finally it offers youngsters the chance to play the game by allowing them to easily find clubs they can play with. Surely the most important thing.

Good luck to all involved. And kudos to the Record for giving YFS such invaluable publicity.

Please visit YFS to see the great work they are doing.

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  1. its great that the youth football clubs are getting a voice, its not very often they get heard yet they can play a vital in getting young people active and into football