Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Podcast: French Football Weekly

Word reaches me that Andrew Gibney, the indefatigable force behind, has launched a new podcast.

If football were a woman Andrew would wine and dine it, kick his girlfriend out of the house and move the game into a boudoir resplendent with satin sheets and a mirrored ceiling.

Thankfully he can't do that. Instead he settles for serenading the beautiful game through his blog (and anyone else who'll have him) and podcasts.

If he sleeps - and it is difficult to know when he finds the time - his dreams are surely filled with steamy scenes of passion from Ligue 1.

Andrew is that rare beast, a Scotsman transposed to Yorkshire with a deep affinity for the French game.

Now, in partnership with Chris Oakley from Sound of Football, he’s launched French Football Weekly.

Interesting, insightful and a welcome break from the cloying parochialism that sometimes seems to be choking us here in Scotland.

Please go forth and have a listen.

Follow Andrew on Twitter: @gibfootballshow

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