Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Firm: El Hadji Diouf, Pele and 123 Other Great Footballers

Mention on Twitter yesterday of Pele’s view of his fellow Braziliant Brazilian Ronaldo. Seems Edson doesn’t rate him as highly as others do.

Someone then mentioned Pele’s FIFA 100 list.

You might remember that, back in 2004, the governing cartel asked Pele to list the 100 greatest living players to mark their centenary celebrations.

Showing the kind of numeracy skills that have marked his business career, Pele returned with a list of 125 players.

I revisited the list to remind myself of who was on it.

And lo! Were my eyes playing some king of cruel trick? Surely it couldn’t be?

But yes. There he was.

Of the 50 active players included on his list Pele had chosen one El Hadji Diouf.

The blue mohicaned, gold jeep driving Diouf. Much reviled public enemy number one.

Now, it is very important to remember that Pele’s list was, essentially, utter bollocks.

Many of the choices appeared for reason’s of political expediency rather for pure footballing ability. See for yourself here the way in which the great man offers a slightly more geographically even selection than many of us might have chosen.

Still, it is proof that Diouf is a football player. And a not an untalented one at that.

Let’s hope he remembers that today.

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