Monday, February 21, 2011

Gissa Job

A job in fitba'?

What could be better.

I'm holding out for George Peat's job myself. If you think that dictatorial dinosaur is bad wait till you see how the tyrannical Tyrannosaurus rolls.

Convinced football is your calling? is a good place to start:

One of the keys to being a successful and productive employee is to be motivated. But most of us have experienced at least one job in which we saw little to excite us and motivate us, dealing with subjects which we are not all that interested in. Which is fine in principle, after all we all need jobs.

However, most people also have a dream job of their own, working in an area that really does excite them, making every working day a happy occasion. For some that dream role is music, others it's travel. As our name suggests, we at cater for people like you - people who love football.

There are a wide variation of roles in the football world. Every football club still needs it's "regular" staff that you find in most companies, Human Resources, Hospitality, Ticket office staff etc, all made better by being involved in a football club, along with any bonuses that come their way, in the form of tickets.

But there are also a number of more specific roles. Football journalism is a demanding but hugely satisfying field to work in, with the opportunity, once employed with one of the bigger media names, to go to games, to interview big name footballers, and with the job specification to watch a lot of football. It's not an easy, and not easy to break into professionally, but if you work hard enough at it, and gain enough experience, it is achievable.

Working in Public relations can be extremely exciting in the football world, with the need to inform members of the press about the latest goings-on at your club, being the main contact between local and national press, and the football club.

Other roles in football also excite - football scouting is hard to get into, but with a good eye for a player, excellent observational skills and dedication, you can get into this hugely rewarding field. This role is not just reserved for ex-footballers, and especially if you are flexible about where you work, and if you possess other language skills, the dream job of watching football for a living comes true, and who knows, you could spot the next Messi.

Finally, football coaching is another rewarding job, where if you have a good tactical knowledge of the game, you can help children of different ages reach their full potential. With a clear set of qualifications upto UEFA A standard, there is a real career progression for highly driven coaches, who could end up coaching at football clubs.

The variation of jobs in football is massive, but what is for sure is that although demand can be high in such jobs, someone has to get them, and often it is those willing to work extra-hard, and go the extra mile.

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