Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Video: Ulises de la Cruz

Still Hibs record signing (possibly, probably. Rod Petrie doesn't discuss money, just guards it jealously) it is probably fair to say that Ulises de la Cruz didn't quite settle in his 30 odd games in Scotland.

Cracking player though. I was thinking about him the other day when The Commentary Box crew included him in their SPL's Greatest Foreign XI.

Decent chap as well, setting up Friends of Fundecruz, a charity aimed at improving life in his home village of Piquiucho and throughout Ecuador. As well as fundraising he's donated a fair chunk of his own earning for projects that include education, employment and infrastructure initiatives:

"Ulises wants to go beyond the limited vision of the inhabitants who consider blacks as only being capable of playing football. Ulises wants his fellow Afro-Ecuadorians to have better opportunities to improve their lives and futures. For this reason, Ulises has placed special emphasis on education and employment with the aim to develop and use the huge human capabilities of the black population of Ecuador."

Now 36, and with 101 caps, Ulises plays for Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito (LDU Quito) in Ecuador's top flight.

Here's a niftily soundtracked tribute:

Ulises only scored twice for Hibs. Both coming in a win against Hearts. Did I see them? No, I was in Seville at a wedding and ended up in A and E in a Spanish hospital. Long story.

I can't find those goals (give me a shout if you know where they are on the intraweb) but here's a feature on his time in Edinburgh. And, yes, it does include Eduardo 'El Tank' Hurtado. Who did, in face, tank in Leith.

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