Saturday, January 15, 2011

Would You Adam And Eve It?

Defeat for Blackpool at West Brom today. Which isn't a great result. But I did want to share a link about Charlie Adam with you.

Adam's English Premier League progress has been well documented. His travails at Rangers seem stranger by the minute. The much lauded, and apparently much in demand, Blackpool player used to inspire comments like this:

"I thought Adam was nothing short of rubbish. IMO he was the same last year. Every time he gets into good positions he wastes the ball."

And now he's inspiring blogs like this from Jasveer Singh Gill at Dexy's Den:

"He plays with a class and style that embody the club he is currently captaining; all hail Blackpool’s newest legend: Charlie Adam."

"...with even Sir Alex Ferguson declaring his admiration for Charlie Adam, calling him “one of the best players in the league.”

Well worth a read of the whole article. It might raise other questions about youth players getting a chance at Ibrox. But for the moment we should just be admiring everything that Charlie is achieving.

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