Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scottish Football On The Web

I'm searching for answers. Maybe you can help.

Hopefully this will be the basis for a longer article.

How does your club handle its online affairs? Is their website rubbish or great? Are they Facebook failures or Twitter triumphs.

I want to know about websites, Facebook accounts, Twitter feeds. Anything as long it's an official club online presence.

I do, of course, have ideas of my own about how Scottish football is coping with "new" media. But for now I'd just like to get as many opinions as possible. If I'm seeing themes or similar opinions emerging then I might even set up some kind of survey to get a better idea of "The State of Scottish Football Online."

I'm particularly interested in how clubs use the internet to interact and get club news to the fans but if you've got strong views on online club shops or anything else then let me know. And it doesn't just have to be SPL sides, any league, any level. I'm looking for as many examples of best, worst and mediocre practice as possible.

Focus is on Scotland but interested to hear your views of any clubs handling the online stuff well or badly from elsewhere.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing your views.

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  1. It's often easier to find out stuff via Wikipedia.

    THE BAD NEWS: For the most part, the websites are pretty generic (templates) and filled splash pages and ads that distract and slow you down.

    If you want news, forget it. Always heavily filtered. Go to the local paper or diehard fan sites if you want something more informative.

    THE GOOD NEWS: You'll notice I didn't mention *which* website I'm referencing. I've been to tons of Scottish sites, from SPL to Highland League. THey're all pretty much the same. So, in that context, the ones I want to visit are really no worse than any other Scottish or English FC websites out there.

  2. That has been my impression but I'm hoping I might still unearth some gems.

  3. WEBSITES: Most club websites are generally quite dull looking. Hearts have a good website from what I've seen. Bo'ness United have a good one too. Very user-friendly and decent to look at.


    Clubs don't want to be associated with fans forums really.

    CONTENT: I don't think clubs make enough use of pictures, videos, highlights, commentary, games etc on their websites.

    SOCIAL-NETWORK: Rangers and Celtic started a facebook page recently, haven't looked at it much. Motherwell's twitter page is very good.

    Hearts are making good strides with their Iphone app with live commentary and highlights. Very good. I have the Rangers one and it's not that great outwith updating news.

  4. Thanks Ross. Hearts seem to be quite switched on to the possibilities of online work. Not sure that's shared elsewhere. Will be sure to check out Bo'ness.

  5. I follow Motherwell and Partick Thistle. I think both clubs' official sites are pretty good, especially enjoy the video highlights on Thistle's site. I also follow them on their fan message boards (Steelmenonline and Wearethistle) which I find very entertaining and informative.

  6. Generally I feel that professional football clubs are way behind the times as far as website design and social media are concerned.

    Websites aren't user friendly, and official club Tweets and Facebook posts don't make the most of the personal or 'authentic' nature of Twitter and Facebook.

    Bluefields.com are revolutionising the way amateur football clubs can organise their football. Making it incredibly user-friendly, and pushing the limits with their use of mobile and social media.

    So it looks like amateur football will soon be overtaking professional football with regards to use of the web!

  7. Nice plug SOTB. But seriously, most clubs are miles behind where they should be with social media and their online presence, so with new services coming out is wont be long before amateur clubs can overtake them.

  8. Only really familiar with the Rangers site I'm afraid, which isn't great. There's the common problem of having to elsewhere for news, but even content you'd think the club would have an advantage at creating (stuff about the players, the stadium, the club itself) is scant and rarely updated.

    There's no official Twitter or Facebook presence either, as far as I can tell.

    I've never been entirely impressed by the SFA site either; seems really difficult to navigate and find what you're looking for.