Friday, January 21, 2011

Kenny Milne's Wicked Wiki

Bizarrely enough Kenny Milne, once of Hearts, Cowdenbeath, Partick Thistle and Falkirk, is given the full Wikipedia treatment.

The entry begins:

Milne endured a difficult upbringing in life and was raised and looked after by a pack of wolves in the Scottish Highlands. The wolves are meant to be the only remaining one who still remain in Scotland and the bond created between the wolves and Milne was said to have stunned the experts who continued to watch this amazing real life Jungle Book story until they felt it was safe to remove Milne from his adopted parents and move him onto human parents. Nicknamed Mowgli by the adoption centre he was taken to, Milne was adopted to a married couple and began a normal upbringing in Alloa, although some people thought he would have been safer being left in the wild with the wolves. Each year Milne would spend a week back in the Highlands with the wolves until the passing of the mother wolf in 2001, the father wolf was never seen again and to this day has never been found.

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