Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Inverting The Pyramid

The one blog a day in 2011 plan (a secret resolution, made most years, broken most years) has almost come a cropper only five days in.

In mitigation I got fair wrapped up in tonight’s English Premier League action. I could write about that but I don’t know which sack threatened manager or crisis hit club to focus on. And I’m sure everyone is fed up hearing about how good a night this has been for Manchester United.

I’m just too depressed to write about the ongoing pantomime of SPL reconstruction complete with Neil Doncaster and Ralph Topping as the Ugly Sisters.

So instead I’ll point you in the direction of the book I’m currently reading and very much enjoying. Jonathan Wilson's Inverting The Pyramid: The History Of Football Tactics looks like it's going to keep me going no matter what Scotrail throw at me.

I'm a bit late to this one but it really is a compelling read. A full review to follow. In the meantime there's a decent look at Wilson's tome on Bookgeeks.

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