Friday, December 03, 2010

One Person, One Vote

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It will soon be time for what the film industry calls the awards seasons. In fact I think it might have started already as it does seem to drag on.

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It seems that Andy Muirhead, editor of, didn't fancy his chances of getting an invite to the Oscars but still wanted an excuse to look out the fancy frock.

And so the Top Ten Scottish Football Web Awards were born. The TTSFWAs as they’ll soone be calling them.

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Anyway someone saw fit to nominate the Scottish Football Blog which is, of course, lovely and very much appreciated by everyone involved in the making of this production.

So if you're of a mind, please take a digital trundle over to Scotzine and cast your vote for Scottish Football Blog.

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You will, of course, be mentioned amidst the tears of my acceptance speech should enough of you be kind enough to go to the effort of depressing your mouse button next to my name. Which, in the list, is Scottish Football Blog if you were still wondering.

Somebody suggested I try a spot of subliminal marketing to get your votes. I'm convinced that doesn't work though.

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