Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SPL: Spring Break

Another example of Old Firm managers in agreement: Walter Smith and Neil Lennon do not think the current spate of weather related postponements are a valid enough reason to extend the SPL season.

Fair enough. A little ecumenicalism obviously goes a long way.

But don't come bleating to me about a fixture pile up in March. And let's not even mention all that UEFA Cup final hoo-hah from a couple of years ago.

Is this not all a little premature anyway?

The current backlog is not yet at the critical stage. The SPL have pointed out in their discussions of a winter break that the worst month for call offs is January. If we are destined to suffer this cold weather for another four or five weeks we might have a problem.

Knickers would be better remaining untwisted until then.

But all this does allow me to air an intriguing suggestion I heard over a pint or four at the weekend.

Scottish weather being what it is a winter break is going to be very difficult to schedule. So don't.

Instead work a two or three week break in March into the SPL calendar.

If the weather causes a backlog there would be a clear window for games to be played in the, hopefully, less fresh strippingly cold climes of spring. If there is no backlog the clubs get a couple of weeks to recharge their batteries in time for a championship, European or relegation run-in.

Worthy of consideration, surely?

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