Sunday, December 12, 2010

SPL Reconstruction: 10 out of 10?

The "r" word surfaces again in Scottish football. Not referees. Reconstruction.

The BBC reports that:

Proposals for a two-tier Scottish Premier League of 10 teams each are to be put to clubs next Monday.

As part of the reconstruction, play-offs would be introduced, the season would start earlier and a winter break would be built in.

The leagues beneath the top two would be regionalised if the plans put forward by the SPL's Strategic Working Group are ratified.

It is anticipated any changes would be introduced the season after next.

We have all discussed reconstruction as being a way of improving the league. The jury remains out on whether or not that will actually work. Myriad changes through the decades have left us in the position we're now in.

I think some form of reconstruction is now inevitable. Is this the model most of us would have chosen?

Possibly not. But most of us don't have a say.

The proposals need to carry at least 11 votes under the SPL's strange governance rules. An earlier start, a winter break and fewer games might be welcomed by some. But there are alternative systems that would achieve similar outcomes.

Regional lower leagues would seem to make sense. I'm sure the idea of SPL clubs playing reserve sides in the lower leagues will spark some debate.

Not had time to properly digest all the reported proposal. If I was to leap without looking I'm probably in the "No" camp on this idea.

So unconvinced by the detail. But applauding a move to addressing some of the issues that many of us have been shouting about for years.

Progress of sorts. Although we did start out with a 10 team SPL all those years ago.

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