Saturday, December 18, 2010

McLeish Report Part Two: SFA

It takes either bravery or a complete lack of self awareness for an institution to commission an inquiry that will lay bare many of its failings.

So the SFA deserve either ridicule or praise for asking Henry McLeish to deliver a report that concluded the governing body:

"Lacks coherence, focus and a sense of overall purpose, is ill-equipped to deal with current problems and has failed to plan effectively for the future.

"There is little appreciation of the benefits of being more open and transparent...distinct lack of mission, vision, outcomes and objectives."

Fairly damning stuff. And any organisation that lacks "consistency, logic and at times discipline" needs a major overhaul.

But will the SFA learn? Why when responding to the report did SFA president George Peat not announce his immediate resignation? Why is chief executive Stewart Regan not already putting in place the processes required to enact the McLeish recommendations?

Because the SFA is mired in self interest and denial. Because George Peat is a tinpot dictator with no desire to help Scottish football beyond squeezing into his blazer and enjoying some corporate hospitality.

Henry McLeish was never going to be the dynamic champion of change. His affability often seems to border on irrelevance.

But maybe that makes his verdict more persuasive. The quiet man has roared.

The McLeish Report might not be perfect. But it has confirmed what most of already felt. Not only is the SFA not fit for purpose it is actually doing more harm than good. If the SFA is damaging the national game then it has to change.

Just don't hold your breath.

The McLeish Report Part Two

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