Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogging Craig Brown

After their weekend capitulation to Hearts, Craig Brown started his first official day as manager of an Aberdeen side badly in need a lift on Monday.

What better way to mark the new era than to welcome back an old blogger? Seb Gevers, once of Inside Left (maybe still of Inside Left, kind of) appears to have launched The Red And The White: A Year In The Life Of Aberdeen FC.

And, strangely out of character, he has launched it with some enthusiasm for the new regime.

Well worth bookmarking to see how Seb charts the travails and triumphs of yet another new era at Pittodrie.

> Noticed a comment on Twitter today, and I hope I didn't miss the context, questioning what sort of working relationship Craig Brown and Archie Knox would be able to build with Willie Miller at Aberdeen.

My guess would be that the three all know each other well. Knox coached the great Aberdeen side that Miller captained, Brown was involved in the Scotland set-up when Miller was a regular.

I would think the relationship with Miller will have been fairly decisive in persuading Brown and Knox from Motherwell rather than putting them off. Whether it all works out as well as that remains to be seen.

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1 comment:

  1. Cheers for the plug. It's been a while since I've felt that we (aberdeen fc) are heading in the right direction. McGhee was guff, he should never have been given the job. As soon as he announced in that press conference on day one that, in effect, he'd rather be at Celtic than at Aberdeen, we knew we where in trouble. At that stage, someone should have ordered him a taxi and sent him packing to the East-end of Glasgow to live out his dreams.

    In Brown/Knox we finally have a respected management team, something we've not had since Ferguson started winning things back in early 80's. There needs to be some trimming at the club, but more than anything else we need confidence, the sort that can only be provided by an experienced manager.

    We're still in deep doo-doo, but I genuinely feel we're going to be alright now.