Saturday, November 27, 2010

Three Become One

Soapbox time. Everybody else seems to be using the referee's strike to air their grievances and campaign for the changes they want. So I'll join them.

It's an old argument of mine. One that I share with Chick Young. Painful as it is to admit that.

The referees inform the SFA they're striking. The SFA then have to inform the SPL and the Scottish Football League that the referees aren't working at the weekend but they'll try and talk them out of it and will get the games covered somehow. Repeat throughout the week.

Throw in the farce of the SFL drawing lots to decide which of their games will go ahead.

Much about this week has been unsatisfactory. But surely this three way governance of the game, this triumvirate of inefficiency, is no longer a suitable administrative system for Scottish football.

How much quicker to react would a streamlined organisation, staffed by the right people with a wholly professional outlook, prove to be?

It will put a lot of noses out of joint, the blazerati will shout and scream. But a merger of the big three footballing bodies would be a massive step towards the revolution that the game needs. And it would also offer the fresh start we all need.

I can't see it happening soon. But, in a week of nightmares, it's at least nice to have a dream.

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