Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Return To Action

The blog has been experiencing a period of neglect. Events, dear boy, events.

Getting used to the commute to the wild west every morning. Jings, but that train journey is a bind. Intriguingly I have discovered that it only takes the journey from Edinburgh Waverley to Haymarket to digest The Metro. And that's me reading slowly, still half asleep.

I've missed so much football. Hibs win, win again and then lose again. Hearts get a run going that suggests Jim Jefferies might be leading them to third spot.

In only my second week working in Glasgow (true what they used to say, by the way, it is indeed "miles wetter") I was able to head into work with the smug superiority of a man who enjoyed both Edinburgh sides beating the Old Firm. The last time that happened was 1972. As I'm working a five month contract I guess my experience will have been a unique one.

The Old Firm are, of course, still atop the SPL. But the aura of invincibility has gone, although not to the extent that anybody is likely to sneak up on them and mount even a brief challenge.

Celtic, of course, thumped nine past Aberdeen. Mark McGhee has survived after much soul searching at Pittodrie. One suspects, however, that he needs his project to start delivering sooner rather than later.

Scotland destroyed the might of the Faroe Islands and the world could smile again. A game that some (including me) decried as a waste of time, actually allowed a few newcomers to stake a place in Levein's plans. And he's shown himself to be such a gung-ho national manager I'm sure he'll give them a chance.

Barry Bannan was one of the players who impressed? Barry who? A Football Man has the background (and footage of a not bad strike).

I've also missed the odd discussion over referees. See my ramble below. In summary: Celtic misguided, SFA impotent, referees lacking quality but essentially honest, strike a bloody stupid idea.

And, in breaking news, Iceland have refused to provide referees for Saturday's SPL games. The SFA are going to nip down to Farmfoods and give that a go tomorrow.

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