Wednesday, October 20, 2010

That Was The Week That Was

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late. Laziness combined with actually – and most unusually – being quite busy has got in the way. I need to rediscover my motivation. Maybe I should take inspiration from the prolific genius who created the best TV series ever made about a group of Vietnam vets surviving as soldiers of fortune.

So what have I missed? Wins at the weekend for Rangers and Celtic and, more shockingly, a home win for Hibs. Dundee’s administration confirmed but the club’s future not really any clearer. Gordon Strachan’s experiment at Middlesbrough ended in predictable failure around the same time that Colin Calderwood’s reign at Hibs began.

Wayne Rooney has discovered a cure for cancer.

No he's not actually. But given the amount I’ve read, heard and seen about his decision to leave Manchester United it is obviously an event of similarly global significance. Still, an amusingly hurt performance from a vintage Sir Alex Ferguson at his press conference yesterday as he attempted to redirect the story in favour of club and manager. His luck in that endeavour is that painting Rooney as a greedy ingrate was never likely to be too difficult a task to pull off.

Rangers entertain Valencia tonight. Another “park the bus” performance? Gib Football Show blogger Andrew Gibney has a few pointers for Walter Smith in an orgy of tactics porn over at STV.

And another big game for the champions on Sunday when the Old Firm clash for the first time this season and with barely a cigarette paper separating them in their race for the title.

Plenty to be getting on with, then. Unless we discover in the next hour or two that this blog is going to be sacrificed in the Comprehensive Spending Review.

* I made an appearance on the podcast last week. Unfortunately technical issues make my brief appearance sound as if it was relayed from the bottom of a Chilean mine. Thanks to the guys for inviting me on though and I look forward to doing it again.

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