Friday, October 08, 2010

Dundee In Administration

Another administration story:

Dundee's impending slip into administration for the second time in seven years will result in 10 of the current playing staff being released. STV understands the cuts could also see manager Gordon Chisholm and his assistant, Billy Dodds, laid off by administrator Bryan Jackson.

The First Division club, who have been fighting a demand from HM Revenue and Customs for an unpaid tax bill of £365,000, are understood to have started proceedings to go into administration, with one-time Motherwell administrator Bryan Jackson set to be appointed to the same role with Dundee.

What can you say?

It's all too common. And any time we see a team sinking money into the dream of moving through the leagues we suspect that this might be just around the corner.

The curse of modern football. And it's going to keep happening unless we can somehow find a way of making our game sustainable.

All that's for later. For now we can only wish the players and the Dundee fans all the best and hope that this sorry saga is somehow sorted out.

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