Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smith Makes His Point

No apologies from Walter Smith as Rangers held Manchester United at Old Trafford last night:

"In the Champions League, we now have to try and nullify the opponents some other way. Scottish teams are now in a situation where we are unable to compete with English clubs in signing the top players from all over the British Isles, unlike many years ago. So we have to try and find another way to succeed.

"So, from our point of view, we are pleased with the determination and high level of concentration the players showed. They restricted Manchester United to very few opportunities."

And, really, why should there be?

I wrote before the game that a draw would be a brilliant result. I was concerned that Rangers needed to make sure that they didn’t lose an early goal.

The 10 changes made by Alex Ferguson helped them, good as these players are, there was always going to be a lack of fluidity in the opening exchanges with such drastic shuffling of the pack. It was Rangers good fortune that United were unable to find that fluidity at any stage.

So it’s not pretty to watch but it’s a system that works and allows Rangers to compete on what, as Smith himself has pointed out, is not a level playing field.

We saw last year that when Rangers show a bit more adventure at home they can be undone by teams that are simply better than them. Why should they travel to the big European clubs and play a system that makes life easier for their opponents?

Anti-football? Whatever, it’s a results business and you make your choices based on that.

Given the disasters Scottish football has faced in Europe this season I’ll take last night’s parking of the bus at Old Trafford.

Still a long way to go for Rangers though.


  1. good post

    i am anything but a rangers fan but they did what they had to do last night. not their fault man u were totally deviod of ideas and any sort of creativity. other teams should take note when playing against better teams.

    they do not have to apologise for anything and maybe it will make the english think a bit less about their teams when there best 'can't even beat a team from scotland'.

    i still think rangers will not qualify from this group. they may get a few points away from home playing like that, but when they are expected to attack a bit more at home they will get exposed. A solid spl team and okay to defend for 90, but they will get caught by the better ones.

  2. Totally agree, but last night got them off to a good start. Like you, I'm not a Rangers fan but you can't knock the way they went about the game last night.

    I suppose third place was always the target but, like I say, a long way to go.