Friday, September 03, 2010

Scottish Football Podcasts Part One

I was asking around on Twitter a couple of weeks ago to try and get some sort of definitive list of Scottish football podcasts.

Then I thought: "Why do all the work myself" "Maybe there's a better way to do this than simply posting a list."

So the plan is to give any podcast-ers who would like to introduce themselves and tell people a little about their shows the opportunity to do so in their own words.

First up is Andrew Gibney, blogger and pod-der at the almost eponymous gibfootballshow. Judging from his tweets he also watches more football than Opta. He's fitba' crazy and he must have an understanding other half:

Hi my name is Andrew I am the host and editor of the gibfootballshow podcast, after the World Cup in South Africa I was inspired by The Times and Guardian podcasts and thought it would be fun to try my hand at a new type of medium.

My aim was to provide people a different way to view the blog, we are in an iTunes era where people can listen to all types of shows while on the move, so instead of having to sit and read a blog post on my views you could have a listen on the bus to work or on their lunch.

The pod started as a solo recording, mainly just recording my views on the world of football, it has now expanded to a 3 or 4 person podcast where we dicuss the current football issues, predictions on upcoming games and I hope to be able to provide the listeners with a broad range of subjects so far we have covered football in not only this country and Europe but as far a field as the USA and Mexico.

When I invited fellow bloggers to join me in the pod I was overwhelmed by the amount of replies from all over the country and abroad, which should make for some interesting recordings in the future.

Just as an example on the show so far have been Gav Stone from the excellent site Les Rosbifs, Charlie Anderson (@Luciano Says on twitter) who is an expert on Scandanavian football, Chris Mayer a fellow blogger who covers not just the English Premier League but French Ligue 1 and other European Leagues, and Brent Atema one of the co-founders of the Global Football Today website all the way from Austin, Texas.

As a host I am still developing my style and the direction of the show, feedback so far has been very positive and I hope with future guests and the discussions, hopefully the pod can grow and grow.

Over to you: if you've got a football podcast dealing with Scottish football (or mentioning Scottish football occasionally, or based in Scotland - it's not a narrow classification) then feel free to drop me an email with a few lines about your show. I'll be delighted to post them and give you some free publicity.

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