Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seeing Is Believing

"Over the last two or three years we have seen very wealthy owners become part of football clubs and therefore go on this kamikaze effort to spend their money."

That's Sir Alex Ferguson's take on the continued summer spending of some of Manchester United's rivals. Not that he's looking at anyone in particular, of course. Near neighbours never even crossed his mind.

But is there not something "kamikaze" about signing a player that you've never even seen? For £7.5 million?

Who would do that?

Well, Sir Alex Ferguson would:

"I didn't see any videos of him, it's the first time," Ferguson said. "Normally, as in the case of Javier and Chris, I saw plenty of video footage of them. You've got to trust your staff at times and our scout in Portugal was adamant we must do something quickly. So I sent David Gill down there to do the deal.

"You'd have to ask Real how interested they were but I know they were hovering and so were Benfica. So were one or two other clubs and that's where you have to make quick decisions in life and I'm not too bad about that. I also spoke to Carlos Queiroz about him. Sometimes you have to go on an instinct, you look at material. You look at their age and whether they're bringing pace, balance, desire to play and things like that."

I hope it works out. The dream is a Ronaldo. The nightmare is an Ali Dia. Somebody's got rich from it though.

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