Thursday, July 08, 2010

Howard's Way

Finally a bit of good news for English football as Howard Webb is announced as referee for the 2010 World Cup final on Sunday.

We can only guess how Clive Tyldesley feels right now. Orgasmic probably.

Well done to Howard though who has inverted the normal English route by arriving at the World Cup a joke and ending it as a hero.

It also looks like he'll be the last referee not to be able to call on either additional assistants or technology in a bit of FIFA climbdown on the issue.

Bad news for the Netherlands though. The last Englishman to referee the final was Jack Taylor in 1974 when the Dutch lost to the Germans. Although I suppose Spain's ability to keep the ball for pretty much 90 minutes of football might be considered worse news in the team hotel.

I'll be most depressed if the BBC don't mark Howard's achievement with a blast of this in their build up on Sunday:

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