Sunday, July 18, 2010

Football Fixtures: Deep Breaths

OK. The toys are back in the pram.

Equilibrium recovered. The blog lives to fight another day.

I'll keep you updated on the fixtures situation. I've sent more detailed replies to both the SPL and their “agents” and their responses will shape how I'm going to cover the SPL and the SFL this season.

It all still seems a bit draconian and pointless to me and has absolutely not helped improve my opinion of the people running the game.

But by keeping the blog going I will at least have a platform to slag them off when they do stupid things like try to keep the SPL Fixtures 2010/2011 – information that everyone in the game surely relies on – from the public domain.

I have taken down the offending fixtures but left the posts up with the links to the SPL and SFL sites and all the other content. So you'll still be able to use the blog to find your team's fixtures. Much as you could before. An entirely pointless waste of everyone's time.

Anyway no more on that until I've heard back from one or both of the parties involved.

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