Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The new season will begin without one familiar voice in the Scottish football blogosphere.

Seb at Inside Left has decided to call time on the site before the season starts. It will be missed.

Fear not though as Seb will still be giving us the Scottish football view from Holland on Twitter and talking about his beloved - often beleaguered - Aberdeen on The Offside.

And I'm going to be bothering him until he agrees to do a few guest posts on this site.

But as Inside Left sails off into the Dutch sunset we can welcome a new blogger.

Bobby Hunter will be guiding us through a year in Scottish football on his new blog, A Year In Scottish Football.

Bobby's already hard at it, taking a look at the problems and challenges facing Walter Smith as Rangers' threadbare squad hit Australia.

Australia? In my day pre-season was a long hard run up the dunes at Gullane. Don't know they're born these lily-livered pansies.

Up the dunes, Capstan Full Strength in hand and a flask of lukewarm tea when you reach the top.

That's an athlete's preparation.

Anyway, good luck to Seb as he rediscovers the world outside blogging about the fitba' - I really must get him to tell me what having a life is like.

And best of British/Scottish/Nation-ish of your choice to Bobby as he joins us in our lonely pursuit of the perfect blogpost borne from the most imperfect of sports.

Speaking of guest blogging: I've got a couple of new voices lined up as the season gets underway and I might be appearing elsewhere before too long. But I'm always happy to share the burden so if anyone does fancy putting together a few lines please get in touch. You can be as regular or irregular as you like and any football related topics are welcome. This is a vacancy ideally suited to anybody prepared to write for bugger all. Clearly you can't buy a pint of beer with my gratitude but it's all I can offer at the moment.

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