Friday, July 30, 2010

Albion Road: July Round-Up

Almost through with July already. This year really has flown by. Which is strange because my average working day always seems to last about 101 hours.

Strange month for football this one. A World Cup to start, a brief period of nothingness in the middle and then the traditional European humiliations to finish. The summer menu of Scottish football.

You can find my quick summary of some of the events of July on Albion Road. Writing before this week's Euro ties I almost manage to talk myself into a state of cagey optimism. Almost:

The summer – or the brief snaps of sunshine amidst the overcast and rainy Scottish days – seems to be dragging and dragging.

We're stuck in that strange period when the World Cup seems a distant memory (actually, that maybe not a bad thing) and the start of the SPL doesn't seem to be getting any closer.

I've been ruminating on this in between becoming embroiled in a copyright farrago with the SPL and their mysterious agents. Sometimes I wonder why I bother!

Thanks as ever to Jeremy at Albion Road. You really should check that site out!

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