Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 World Cup: The Quiz

Late as ever, but as promised the Scottish Football Blog 2010 World Cup quiz. On the night it was won by a man wearing a Spanish top going by the name of Carlos. He narrowly survived despite an unsavoury assault from the team wearing Dutch strips.

Closing date is Sunday 25th July at 11pm.

Winners will receive a copy of Martin O'Neill: The Biography (hardback), King John: John Charles, The Autobiography and an as yet undecided third football book. (All second hand but much loved).

Email entries here.

If you think this is a bit easy I have removed the two extra rounds that were used on the night. They were general sport and a round devoted to Hibs. Didn't think anybody reading this would be that bothered about them.

In the event of a tie winner will be plucked from the funnel (?) of a vuvuzela.

2010 World Cup

Which player scored the first goal of the 2010 World Cup finals?

Which team have scored the most goals at the 2010 World Cup finals?

What club team does England's Robert Green play for?

Which two teams made their World Cup debuts in 2010?

What was the score in Holland's first World Cup final v West Germany in 1974?

Which four players have scored five goals in the tournament?

Scotland At The World Cup

What the first country Scotland beat at a World Cup finals and what was the score?

Which Hibs player made the final Scotland squad of 13 for the 1954 World Cup finals?

Name the two Scottish players who scored against Sweden in the 1990 World Cup?

Which player has captained Scotland the most times but never played in a World Cup?

Scotland's biggest defeat came in the 1954 World Cup finals. What was the score and who were we playing?

Which Scotland player was sent off v Morocco in the final game of Scotland's 1998 World Cup campaign?

World Cup History

Which two teams have played the most games at World Cup finals?

Spain play in their first World Cup final tonight. How many other teams have played in the World Cup final?

Which are the only country to have won the World Cup without playing in the final?

Who was the top scorer at the 1966 World Cup finals and how many goals did he score?

The Republic of Ireland reached the quarter final in 1990 but only scored two goals in open play. Who were the goalscorers?

Which player has played in the most games at World Cup finals?

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