Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 World Cup: Commentary

I've done my ITV round-up and I've done my BBC round-up.

But I've not mentioned the commentators or the co-commentators.

There is a reason for this.

They are almost all dreadfully bad.

Clive Tyldesley annoys and infuriates. Jim Beglin bores. Guy Mowbray seems awed by the job. Mark Lawrenson has become a parody without actually ever being that good in the first place.

I was almost pining for Archie McPherson.

I'd be tempted to award a knock-out victory to Radio Five Live. And their coverage was superior but the awful Alan Green casts a long shadow that the station struggles to escape.

Even then Five Live wins on points.

A massive fail for World Cup TV commentary.


  1. I agree about the TV commentators but I have to say I think Alan Green is quite superb...

  2. Controversial Mike. Actually I find Green quite amusing, a lot of the time I think he's just playing up to the cartoon figure he's kind of become.

    But there was one game in the World Cup that he spent squealing with laughter at everything Chris Waddle said (a Paraguay game maybe). Truly awful. A case of the commentator really ruining the game - which wasn't great anyway but he made it worse.